Welcome to the official site of the
Western New York Motocross Association!​

The WNYMA is back to sanctioning races in 2020! 

We are very excited to offer a great year of new tracks, dual district races, and reconnecting with our great motocross family!

This Weekend Whitetail MX is holding a practice on Saturday, August 15th from 10AM to 3PM. Come on down to Whitetail MX and check out our newest track!

Next weekend (August 22nd and 23rd) the WNYMA will be at Silver Springs MotoPark. The theme of the weekend is our furbabies. We will be hosting the Humane Society. Please bring pet food to donate. For every pound of pet food donated, a ticket will be given for prize drawings. Donate 25 lbs of food and receive 25 tickets. Donations appreciated for Silent Auction. 

The following weekend (August 29th and 30th) we will be back at Whitetail MX for another fun filled racing weekend! More details to follow!


We offer a family oriented racing experience second to none. 
Feel free to browse our site and we hope to see you at any of our great,
rider oriented tracks soon.

Just coming to any one of our great weekend events will show you why the WNYMA continually has more riders choose our tracks over
​their other choices.

Ride with the WNYMA: "Where no one leaves without a wave and a smile!"